Vision and Mission

Our vision is that changing behaviour only works when people are aware of the necessity of it. Creating common belief in our clients’ strategies results in elevated employee motivation to change and develop. By changing behaviour and developing talents in a way that it supports the organisational goals, the requirements are available for structural improvement of organisational performance. Coach & Commitments focuses on processes and people, on competencies and skills, and on resulting behaviour and motivation.  

Managing from the perspective of tasks or authority, roles or competencies is reasonably safe and easy. Reaching your organisational goals is even more effective if managers not only drive for the above, but also know what motivates employees. When people are able to act from their personal interests, they can create improved value to organisational strategy. Also, they become more intrinsically motivated, which results in improved performance. The mission of Coach & Commitments lies in teaching people to discover personal motivation factors and those of others, to create elevated business success.

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